Latex clad transvestite domination

Latex clad fetish transvestite dominating the slave.

Latex clad fetish transvestite dominating the slave.

The background painted a malevolent image in this picture. The walls are colored in an ever so gradient of purple that which matches the mistresses hair. In the depths of the color collage, was a women, but this women was not just an ordinary women. This bright and vastly colorful women was a transvestite. She looked poised, however, in the depths of her mind she wanted greater control as she sat atop this dominated woman–she who lay motionless in her rubber masked outfit underneath her aggressor. The dominated woman’s outfit grew together from head to foot as she appeared in a one piece neck to floor zipped rubber dress that lay fluttered upon the bed. Concealing her face, she wore a rubber mask that covered everything except for her eyes, mouth, and two holes to breathe out of.

The dominatrix as she appeared, had handcuffed the helpless woman to the iron bed frame using two leather snapping bracelets and some length of indestructible chains, refraining the woman from much motion. The iron bed was dilapidated in most regards and stood quite uneasily erect. The naked frame of the cold, ruthless bed was covered by a rubber material mattress that sat abiding to their most erotic sensational pleasures. Nevertheless, the dominatrix stood above the seemly unwilling woman and placed a tight, coiled rope around her unexposed neck. Now she had complete control over her, forcing her evermore so deeper into her erogenous zone, though never allowing complete orgasmic sensations to fulfill her with ecstasy.

MJTrends sells latex sheeting, vinyl, and faux leather fetish fabrics.

MJTrends sells latex sheeting, vinyl, and faux leather fetish fabrics.

The transvestite was vivacious in most aspects. She pieced together her outfit in a fashionable attempt to provide just enough detail to keep your senses interested, though enough hidden from sight to keep your mind intrigued. The top that she wore contained materials in great supply, enough to easily cover her arms and her toned, flat stomach, though left nothing covering her chest. The end of the top stopped at the touch of her breasts, as they exposed their every curve enticing the struggling victim.

The dominatrix’s feminine body enchanted the slave as she thrust her hips towards her blackened face. Her skin snuggling rubber pants hung to her every sensual move subduing even the most valiant servants. She knew what she wanted. She slowly moved her pelvic muscles forward until she reached the woman’s shoulder. She clinched the rope tighter as the exotic pleasure arose in her cerebellum. Her knee high leather boots dug deeper and deeper into the unrelenting mattress.

The friction caused by the two rubber outfits atop of one another sparked indescribable sensations that must be prolonged. The aromas grew intensely as their bodies fought the urge to explode upon touch. The impetuous actions had now become to great to overcome and they found themselves, in lieu of impulsive action, engulfed by the most auspicious odor in the air. The walls echoed with pleasure as the rope gradually tightened around the slave’s neck and the exotic foreplay soon turned into just another night of BDSM.

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